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feeling (and looking) hot hot hot

There's something gratifying about walking into a room and knowing that you're the best looking and best dressed. Unfortunately, that gratification loses a little of its luster when everyone else in the room is at the very least 30 years older than you. I mean really, how hard is it for a 23 year old to look better than a room full of 50-somethings? So that was last night for me. My father received a humanitarian award from the American Lung Association and the whole family had to go. I thought maybe there would be cute young doctors there. Not so. Actually, it was pretty fun. They had an open bar, and since its the ALA's 100th anniversary (in NJ I think), the theme was Champagne Century or something like that and there was this giant round table just covered with Champagne cocktails. I had quite a few. Like 10 or so. They were so not strong I didn't even leave the place a little bit buzzed. They did taste good though. And I looked good, although by the end of the night I was having to suck in because I had had so much to drink that it was making me a little bloated. That's okay though, one night of sucking in won't kill me since I generally don't give two shits about what I look like. And speaking of which, I gotta be at work in 35 minutes so I have to go decide if I want to put any makeup on. Probably not.

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