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Planned Parenthood

Oooh, I'm so excited. I just got back from my interview to volunteer at the Planned Parenthood in Trenton. I'm going to be a pregnancy options counselor. Although I'd also love to work on the legislative side of things, I'm really excited about this because its more human. There are plenty of people working on laws that effect people, but I'm going to actually be doing something that will impact the individuals that I deal with.

I'm not that thrilled about working in Trenton, just because its not the safest place on earth. While I wasn't surprised that I was the only white person in the waiting room at the clinic (considering the demographics of the area I was in), I was a little surprised that there were so few white people on the streets outside. In fact, the area wasn't really diverse at all. I saw African Americans and Hispanics, but very few Caucasian or Asian people (actually, I don't think I saw ANY Asian people). Still, even though Trenton itself is not known to be a haven of safety, the building is extremely secure and there is even a gated parking lot for staff, which makes me happy (although my mother thinks that I should have someone walk me to my car---in broad daylight---but she's a little on the wacko side).

Now its off to read my new book, called The Queen's Fool. It takes place in the Royal Court in 1553 and its all about this young Jewish girl named Hannah who is adopted by the son of the Protector of the King (Edward, the boy king) and is commissioned at court to by his "holy fool." There's more to it, and it seems to be very historically accurate, but then again, the author could be blowing smoke out of her ass and I wouldn't know it. Although I remember a fair bit of my European history, its more the order of the Kings and Queens than it is any actual knowledge of the events that led them to the throne. Still, its really well written and the plot is really very intriguing. And thank God its not written in the old English style. I don't think I would have been able to take it if I had had to look every other word up as I do when reading Shakespeare or Jane Austen. Anyway, I hear the book calling me. Tootles.

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