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the rasberry coulis incident

So as of today I have worked 8 days in a row. Tomorrow makes 9. Actually, I don't know if you could really count today, as I only worked two hours before I got sent home because I'm so close to overtime. I have about 4.5 hours to go before I hit 40, and Landry's is really obnoxious about not letting people go into overtime. It's fine with me, I ended up with most of the day off and I may get sent home tomorrow too.

Even though I've been working straight with no days off since last Sunday, I actually had a great time last night. I went to work at 3 which meant that I didn't have any sidework at the end of the night (always a good thing) and I really just worked it the whole night. I walked with about $150, due to a couple of craptastic tips, but I did get a free shirt and apron out of the deal. But that had to do with the rasberry coulis incident.

It all started when one of my tables ordered our New York cheesecake with rasberry coulis for dessert. But they wanted the rasberry coulis on the side. So when they were done with it, I went to put the dishes at the dish station and I tossed the ramekin of rasberry coulis in the ramekin bin. And then somehow, I don't really know how, it all of a sudden all flew back at me. It was all over my face, my nice white shirt and apron, everywhere. There was a buser standing nearby so I grabbed his spray bottle and started spraying myself so the stain wouldn't set (and it worked, I bleached them both when I got home and there's no trace of red anywhere on them, yay). But then I was walking around doused in whatever cleaning fluid they use on our tables and with red spots all over me. My manager had to give me a new shirt and apron (which was nice, b/c I needed another shirt anyway and you can never have too many aprons--and the shirt's cost $15, the aprons $5) so I had to scurry back to the employee bathroom and change while my manager Cheryl took care of my tables. It sucked royally.

Speaking of royalty, I'm reading a really good book, although most might consider it to fall into the category of hideously boring historical nonfiction. It's called The Wives of Henry VIII and its by Lady Antonia Fraser. I'm surprised at how much I like it. Then again, it was a national bestseller (in 1992, when it was published). I got into the topic when I read The Other Boleyn Girl, a novel by Philippa Gregory. I'm also very impressed that the book is written by a "Lady" as I'm at the moment a tad bit obsessed with nobility, although for no good reason (other than that I wouldn't mind having a castle of my own). Perhaps I can marry a KBE and then I can be Lady Lauren (hehe). I've also heard that you can buy titles now, something I wouldn't even consider doing since a) I have no money, and b) I'm not British and thus have no need to be considered nobility other than that the thought tickles me pink. Still, I would like a castle.

posted by Lauren@ 11:30 PM


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