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spring has sprung

It's been really springy the past few days, getting up to like 60 degrees every day since Sunday. I love it! This week has been pretty good to me as well. For all my whining about going to work on Monday, I ended up making $100 for the whole day, and I made another $110 yesterday. I'm only working the night shift tonight (gotta get ready for that soon), but I hope to make at least another $75. Then tomorrow I have work in the morning, after which I'm off until 2pm on Saturday. I really hope that I get two days off next week.

Leah and I decided that when I go up to see her on Friday we're gonna go have lunch at the Rainforest Cafe since they're a part of Landry's (the company that parents my restaurant's corporation) and I get 50% off if I bring my pay stub. I'm all about the cheap stuff.

Not too much else is going on. I'm continuing to make progress with my novel, although progress at this point has only brought me up to a little bit less than 7 full pages (single spaced). It flows in spurts, but its flowing, and my characters seem to already have definite personalities which definitely have the potential to become much more multi-faceted as the story goes on, which is good because I know that I have a lot more story left in me. Yay. It's actually a fun project, and I'm probably gonna buy a book at some point to help me out with things like chapter organization and character development and other such things. It's nice to have something to work on. When I feel like its close to being done I'll probably get another book with advice on finding a literary agent that will hopefully give me some idea as to whether its worth it to register for a copyright before I start sending it out and stuff like that. The last thing I want is someone stealing my original work and calling it their own (or making money from it without my permission).

Well, its that time again. Time to start getting ready for work. Yuck.

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