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Today was one of the first times that I've really felt the power of teamwork where I work. We had a very busy lunch today, especially for a Monday. The expo kitchen cook was out sick today, so Ivan, one of our hot line cooks, had to go and work on expo. Then the kitchen got slammed. There were so many tickets hanging I thought our chef was going to have a heart attack. They couldn't keep up. So they pulled Ivan from the expo kitchen and put him on the hot line, while my GM put on an apron and went to work expo. This essentially left the restaurant in the hands of ten servers, one bartender, and a 19-year old hostess. We kicked ass. I froze the door (i.e. told the hostess to stop seating tables and go on a wait), and then we all just pitched in in the kitchen, expediting food, garnishing food, running food, whatever it took to keep the kitchen from crashing (which is a) not a good thing, and b) a real pain in everyone's ass). I don't think we had one unhappy guest, regardless of the fact that the kitchen had so many tickets that they weren't even beginning to cook some of them until 20 minutes after they had received them. An hour later there was one ticket hanging in the kitchen, and as a team, we had kept the restaurant running. It was a really good feeling to know that we could be without any managers and still make it work. I mean really, we did a bang up job, and I made about $45 bucks (good for a lunch anyway, let alone a Monday lunch in which I only actually waited on 4 tables total) and I think everyone else did just as well. Maybe I sound sappy, but I was really proud of us, and I was definitely really proud of and impressed with our chef for not curling up into the fetal position on the floor and bawling like a little girl (which is what I would have done).

Right now its back to work for me, perhaps to be sent home in an hour and a half for hitting 40 hours. I don't really mind either way, its not like I'll actually see a paycheck even when they're paying me overtime.

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