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    24 hours from now

    24 hours from now I will either be doped up and passed out, or drunk and passed out, but not both. 24 hours from now I will also be about two hours away from landing at Heathrow airport for my trip to London. Why will I be doped up? Because I'm terrified of flying. I have Alprazolam (or something like that, its a dope me up and put me to sleep so I don't have a panic attack sort of drug, aka anti-anxiety) but I'm hoping not to have to take it since all the booze up in first class is free. There are also free manicures and massages that I would like to be awake to enjoy. But, if there's turbulence, and perhaps even if there's not (last time I flew I had knocked myself out with a small OD of the stuff before we even took off), or more accurately, perhaps before I even get to find out whether or not there's going to be turbulence, I may have to take some of the pills. Please, don't tell me that flying is less dangerous than driving. I know that. Even more to the point, I get that the chance of my actually dying in a plane crash are slim to none. But that's why they call it an irrational fear. If I could tell myself all those other things and not be afraid, then that would be rational. But something in my brain goes a little haywire when I start to inhale that pleasant recycled air smell that all planes so wonderfully provide us with. But anyway, I'm actually getting a little nervous just writing about this, which is something I want to keep myself from feeling like, so I'm gonna stop this.

    I'm gonna try to post while I'm in London, but I might not be able to, especially if the rate for getting on the internet at the hotel is some ridiculous price. I am however, planning on keeping a diary of my trip, which I will post (and date correctly on the blog according to which day I wrote it) when I get back if I can't post at all while I'm there. So wish me a bon voyage and many safe and happy returns or some other sappy weirdo bullshit and I'll be happy. Although I really would be a whole lot happier if I were one of the passengers on the QM2 or QE2, both of which left the NY Harbor last night en route to London. Oh well, ya can't have everything.

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    a warm fuzzy feeling

    Reading about the March for Women's Live, which occurred today on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. (and which I was supposed to be at, but couldn't for reasons out of my control), really gives me a happy feeling. Check out this article and you'll see why:

    More Than a Million March in Washington for Reproductive Rights

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    the demise of man

    Are Men Obselete?

    April 21, 2004 -- If research in mice holds true, men -- and hence, their manly services -- may no longer be needed.

    At least that's the indication of a new study boasting a scientific first: Mice that reached adulthood through parthenogenesis, a form of reproduction in which the female egg develops into a live birth without male fertilization...


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    new email addy

    I decided to take advantage of the offer the Google guys....offered (I honestly cannot come up with a better word than "offered" right now...I may actually be that dumb). All of you Bloggers out there must have seen the offer (here I go again) from the Google people to try their new email service, right? GMail or whatever? So anyway, because I've gotten more than one creepy email in my personal inbox telling me how hot my picture makes me look (which I perhaps would have appreciated a little bit more if the next sentence hadn't included something about how the guy was over 60!), I decided to give my blog its own email address. So now, anytime you want to reach me, you can email me (or obviously, you can still just leave a comment) at thegirl@gmail.com. Fun, huh?

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    Bush/Cheney Campaign Slogans

    My dad printed this out for me, someone emailed it to him. I got a huge kick out of it (but then again my whole family describes me as a "bleeding heart liberal") and so I wanted to share it, in its entirety, with all of you people (or at least Dante--for all I know no one else reads what I write).

    Bush Cheney Campaign Slogans

    Bush/Cheney '04: Four More Wars
    Bush/Cheney '04: Apocalypse Now!
    Bush/Cheney '04: Malice in Blunderland
    Bush/Cheney '04: Because the truth just isn't good enough.
    Bush/Cheney '04: Compassionate Colonialism
    Bush/Cheney '04: Get used to it!
    Bush/Cheney '04: In your heart, you know they might or could be technically correct.
    Bush/Cheney '04: Leave no billionaire behind.
    Bush/Cheney '04: Lies and videotape but no sex!
    Bush/Cheney '04: Making the world a better place, one country at a time.
    Bush/Cheney 04: Or else.
    Bush/Cheney 04: Over a billion Whoppers served.
    Bush/Cheney 04: Putting the "con" in conservatism.
    Bush/Cheney 04: Thanks for not paying attention.
    Bush/Cheney 04: The last vote you'll ever have to cast.
    Bush/Cheney 04: This time, elect us!
    Bush/Cheney 04: We're Gooder!
    Bush/Cheney 04: Asses of Evil.
    Don't think. Vote Bush!
    George W. Bush: Leadership without a doubt.
    George W. Bush: The buck stops Over There.
    Vote Bush in '04: "Because I'm the President, that's why!"
    How Did Our Oil Get Under Their Sand?
    It Ain't Over Till Your Brother Counts the Votes.

    Come on, even if you like Bush you have to admit that this is pretty funny (although at this point, if you still like Bush---or at least if you aren't questioning the intelligence behind a few of his hare-brained ideas--you probably aren't smart enough to understand why most of these are funny (Dante--no offense if you like him...I know you're intelligent, although if you do like him, I might question your sanity).

    Anywho, I'm having a mighty cigarette craving at the moment, which is a problem since I have only 1 cigarette (also a problem b/c I'm at home with my mom and thus cannot smoke). I can however, get dressed--yeah, I know, I'm a bum, but I'm a bum on VACATION baby!--make myself look sort of presentable, and find some sort of shopping function that it is necessary to perform. Perhaps I need new socks. Yep, I need new socks. Okay then, off to buy new socks it is.

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    credit card mania

    Dude, I got a credit card! Do you know what that means? My credit doesn't totally suck as much as it used to. Granted, the credit limit is only $200 but seriously, the last time I applied for a credit card I was denied to swiftly it was silly (and probably totally warranted, but sssshhhh). The only reason I actually applied for a credit card was so that I could spend like $30 on it per month and pay it all off every month and build more credit (since, as I've stated, I have like none). I'm so happy. And the card is really cute. I am so shallow.

    Why does my credit suck? Oh, I don't know, perhaps because I maxed out 2 cards? And then didn't pay one of them. My parents had to pay it off for me when the collection agency came calling. The other one I actually paid in full early...after I hadn't paid them for a couple of months (then I got my graduation gift from my grandmother). But I bet that little "paid in full early" notation on my credit report helped me to get this card. And perhaps the fact that I still have a card in my name that is actually on my parents' account, and my mom has never paid a bill late in her life. She actually pays off the Amex bill in full every month. Not to mention the Visa, Discover and MasterCard. She's a credit goddess...and the reason I got a $5000 limit on my first card. I, on the other hand, am a credit dumbass. But I will soon be changing that. Thank God I only got a $200 limit.

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    bad lauren

    I did the unthinkable tonight. See, I'm supposed to be going down to DC next weekend for the Women's Rights March as well as to visit all my friends and such. Well, I haven't been able to get in touch with my best friend on her home line, her cell phone or her husband's cell phone in about a week and a half, and I'm supposed to be staying with them. I better get in touch with her eventually considering I'm going to need my furniture back at some point (she has my living room furniture, my bedroom furniture, my bookshelf, my microwave, some of my serving plates, and a whole lot of other stuff that I didn't have room for in my parents' house). But anyway, so tonight I called my ex and asked if I could stay with him. All my other friends from school just don't have enough room. He said he would discuss it with his cousin (who he lives with) and get back to me. I don't really want to stay with him (although I have a feeling that would solve my little getting laid problem---okay, its not a feeling, I know it for a fact), but I've been planning this trip for like 5 months. I'm bringing my friend Melanie from work down with me too, and she's gorgeous and I know she would like my ex's cousin (also hot). I would get a hotel room but (a) I can't afford it, and (b) there are no hotel rooms left in or around the city b/c of the March. Really, I just hope my best friend answers her fucking phone in the next week. Although if my ex says I can stay with him, at least I know that I'll be having some good sex for a couple of days (that's what I love about ex-sex...you know what you're getting into, and if you know its gonna be good...well, that's a good thing).

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    the apprentice

    Dude, now I'm pissed. I really wanted Kwame to win The Apprentice, but the Donald picked Bill. Gotta go back to watching the show now to find out which job Bill picks.

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    I need to go to work for lunch. I have a major craving for our Hot Seafood Spinach Salad. Wanna hear about it? It's fresh spinach leaves, diced tomato, red onion, shrimp and scallops all sauteed together and served with a hot bacon fennel dressing. But since I don't like scallops, I'm gonna have extra shrimp and I'm going to have them blackened instead of sauteed. I have to get dressed now because I'm going a little nuts just thinking about it. Mmmmm, I can't wait.

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    I got a 152 on my first diagnostic. The LSAT is scored out of 180 and a 152 puts me in the 54th percentile. Actually, this is about where I hoped to start, so I'm happy. My goal is to get a 165 or above, although if I got a 162 I doubt I'd take the test a second time (its not like the SATs, where schools just take your highest score, with the LSAT they average it, so I wouldn't want to fuck with a 162 which is considered a great score). Anyway, I'm a little tired and I feel the need to fantasize about the hot Brits that I'm gonna meet in a couple of weeks while I'm in London. Nitey nite.

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    i'm a broken record

    still need to get laid.

    get the picture?

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    meet the new love of my life

    I think I need to get laid. Why do I think this? Besides the obvious dry period I'm going through, I think its mostly because I do things like go out to the movies and decide I'm in love with the hot actors in them. The newest one is this guy:

    His name is Luke Mably and he's starring in the new movie with Julia Stiles called The Prince and Me. It was a cute movie, not overly realistic, but the point is, now I want to get it on with this hot Brit. He does live in London, and I am going to be in London two weeks from today. Too bad its such a freakin big city. Seeing as I'm not the celebrity stalker type, I doubt I'll be seeing him, although I'd settle for seeing some of the other hot London residents such as Ewan McGregor, Prince William, Prince Harry, Colin Firth (I think he lives in London anyway), Hugh Grant (I HOPE he lives in London, I could envision myself stalking him). But since Luke Mably is still relatively unknown, maybe I'd have the best chance with him. Or maybe I've officially gone completely insane and I should think about seeing a therapist about my obsessive tendencies. Or maybe I just need to get laid (by someone normal, not a celebrity, although I doubt I'd turn down Brad Pitt--or the other cast of characters listed above for that matter). Yeah, definitely need to get laid.

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    more with billy campbell

    Okay, so I found this picture hanging around People.com and I wanted to show everyone the hottie that I waited on the other night just in case you don't know who he is. Ya know, I might have to start watching more of Melrose Place.

    dude, he's so hot

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    the waiting game

    So, my LSAT course started on Saturday. We had to take a diagnostic (one of 4 we'll be taking) and our teacher said the score would be up probably in a couple of hours, but definitely by Sunday morning. Well, it wasn't up yesterday, but I forgave them because it was Easter Sunday. But the score still isn't up, and I'm wondering if I should email my instructor to let her know, since I have to go to the class tonight and I know we're going to review the test (which will be hard to do without knowing how I answered things). Then again, they are located in California, which makes it like 9AM there, meaning that maybe they just got to the office and haven't gotten to it yet. I really wanna know what I got!

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    i love coach

    Check out my new bag!

    Isn't it cute?

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    Billy Campbell

    Tonight was shitty. It was sooooo slow. But, on the bright side, I met (sort of) an old crush of mine. From 8th grade. You might remember him as Billy Campbell on Melrose Place (real name Andrew Shue). I was just chillin, being the fabulous server that I am (to all of two tables, it was that dead tonight) and this JAP-py lady asks me if they can just sit at my table. She said that they had cleared it with the hostess, but I was pissed off nonetheless (I hate people who seat themselves). So I put on my brightest smile and walk over to take their drink order and I look at the husband of the JAP and I totally did a double take because my wildest fantasy (from 8th grade) was coming true. Billy Campbell had finally come for me. Or rather he was sitting at my table. But that's just semantics if you ask me (really, I'm not obsessive, but I was totally in love with him when I was like 14...I used to watch Melrose Place religiously and Billy was my favorite character). Anyway, I did keep my cool. I've waited on famous people before, and although it usually throws me a little (I mean really, I live in NJ, and not overly close to NYC, so seeing famous people is not an everyday thing like it is in NYC or LA), I'm really good about it. I don't ask for autographs, I don't freak out, I don't even acknowledge that I know who they are. I just kind of figure that if I were famous that's what I would want. I'm sure being recognized is flattering, but what was I going to say? I was in love with you when I was 14? You're so hot? Can I tackle you and make out with you? I'm sure he knew that I knew who he was, but I just think that its inappropriate. He was extraordinarily hot though. I think I might just have to tell everyone I know (as if broadcasting it on the internet isn't obvious enough for everyone). Ahhh, Billy Campbell.

    P.S. You know his sister is Elisabeth Shue, right? My manager Cheryl and I were trying to figure out what she was in (besides Adventures in Babysitting and Leaving Las Vegas) and then all of a sudden it hit me. Cocktail. Dude, she made out with Tom Cruise. Bitch. Oh yeah, and she made out with Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future 2 and 3. Ugh. How is it that some families get all the luck. Elisabeth Shue gets to make out with Tom Cruise and Nicholas Cage while her brother gets to make out with Heather Locklear (not that I want to make out with Heather Locklear, I'm just making a point). So perhaps there is hope for my brother and I (we have a secret--not so secret now I guess--plan to break up Faith Hill and Tim McGraw so I can get with Tim and he can get with Faith). Some families get to make out with gorgeous famous people. Why not mine?

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    money money money money....money

    I kicked some major ass last night. Actually, I've kicked some major ass this week. I made $123 on Monday, which isn't all that much more than I expect to make on Mondays (I usually look to make about $100 for both shifts), but it definitely gave a little kick start to my week. Then last night I opened dinner, meaning I had to go in at 3 o'clock, and when I was done at 9:30 I was $140 richer. That's the best Wednesday night I've ever had, and also rivals what I usually make on Saturday nights. Then today I closed lunch and walked with $54 which was good, but only in the sense that it means that I've made over $300 already this week. I'm rollin' in the dough.

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