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credit card mania

Dude, I got a credit card! Do you know what that means? My credit doesn't totally suck as much as it used to. Granted, the credit limit is only $200 but seriously, the last time I applied for a credit card I was denied to swiftly it was silly (and probably totally warranted, but sssshhhh). The only reason I actually applied for a credit card was so that I could spend like $30 on it per month and pay it all off every month and build more credit (since, as I've stated, I have like none). I'm so happy. And the card is really cute. I am so shallow.

Why does my credit suck? Oh, I don't know, perhaps because I maxed out 2 cards? And then didn't pay one of them. My parents had to pay it off for me when the collection agency came calling. The other one I actually paid in full early...after I hadn't paid them for a couple of months (then I got my graduation gift from my grandmother). But I bet that little "paid in full early" notation on my credit report helped me to get this card. And perhaps the fact that I still have a card in my name that is actually on my parents' account, and my mom has never paid a bill late in her life. She actually pays off the Amex bill in full every month. Not to mention the Visa, Discover and MasterCard. She's a credit goddess...and the reason I got a $5000 limit on my first card. I, on the other hand, am a credit dumbass. But I will soon be changing that. Thank God I only got a $200 limit.

posted by Lauren@ 2:41 AM


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