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meet the new love of my life

I think I need to get laid. Why do I think this? Besides the obvious dry period I'm going through, I think its mostly because I do things like go out to the movies and decide I'm in love with the hot actors in them. The newest one is this guy:

His name is Luke Mably and he's starring in the new movie with Julia Stiles called The Prince and Me. It was a cute movie, not overly realistic, but the point is, now I want to get it on with this hot Brit. He does live in London, and I am going to be in London two weeks from today. Too bad its such a freakin big city. Seeing as I'm not the celebrity stalker type, I doubt I'll be seeing him, although I'd settle for seeing some of the other hot London residents such as Ewan McGregor, Prince William, Prince Harry, Colin Firth (I think he lives in London anyway), Hugh Grant (I HOPE he lives in London, I could envision myself stalking him). But since Luke Mably is still relatively unknown, maybe I'd have the best chance with him. Or maybe I've officially gone completely insane and I should think about seeing a therapist about my obsessive tendencies. Or maybe I just need to get laid (by someone normal, not a celebrity, although I doubt I'd turn down Brad Pitt--or the other cast of characters listed above for that matter). Yeah, definitely need to get laid.

posted by Lauren@ 2:45 PM


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