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new email addy

I decided to take advantage of the offer the Google guys....offered (I honestly cannot come up with a better word than "offered" right now...I may actually be that dumb). All of you Bloggers out there must have seen the offer (here I go again) from the Google people to try their new email service, right? GMail or whatever? So anyway, because I've gotten more than one creepy email in my personal inbox telling me how hot my picture makes me look (which I perhaps would have appreciated a little bit more if the next sentence hadn't included something about how the guy was over 60!), I decided to give my blog its own email address. So now, anytime you want to reach me, you can email me (or obviously, you can still just leave a comment) at thegirl@gmail.com. Fun, huh?

posted by Lauren@ 10:53 AM


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