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busy week

So yeah, I haven't posted in a while. This was a crazy-ass week. On Monday....I went to my LSAT class (if I did anything else I seem to have blocked it out). On Tuesday I closed lunch, made a pathetic $45 and then washed down the bitter taste of making no money with a couple of beers with Jen at Fridays before heading home to watch American Idol and pretend to do LSAT homework. Wednesday was more fun LSAT class, although I did skip out early because I couldn't sit still (in anticipation of the American Idol results? God, I hope that wasn't it, because then I've sunk pretty darn low). So yeah, I pretended to do more LSAT homework. Thursday...ah, what a great day Thursday was. If you enjoy being tortured that is. First, I worked. Then, I came home. Then I went to my LSAT class. We don't usually have it 3x/week but since the hotel lost power last week during a thunderstorm, we had to reschedule it. We had a substitute teacher who had a VERY LOUD voice and who was very nice, but perhaps should consider lowering her daily crack dose.

Ah, Friday, so close to the weekend. That is so NOT what I was thinking when I got up on Friday morning. I was scheduled to work a double, but by the grace of God Caroline wanted to pick up a shift and I got to go home. For the morning only. Then I worked at night, and it was SLOW, but somehow I still didn't get out of there until 11:30, making it pretty darn impossible to get a good, full night's sleep before I had to get up in the morning for, yes that's right, more LSAT class. A test.

Perhaps it was the craziness of the week, but I didn't do so hot on the test. After going up 6 points to a 158 on the second exam, I dropped 5 for a dismal 153. But ya know what pisses me off the most? That when I do this shit at home, and I time it, I'm getting like a 170. Anyway, I need to go do more homework, b/c I'm currently skipping the review session so I can get my homework done. I figured why sit there for 4 hours and get told what the right answer is when I have the answer sheet right in front of me. Instead I decided to be more productive and spend those four hours actually practicing the problems and getting better.

Okay, marathon post is over.


Did you see the pictures? So ya like them?

Oh yeah, one last thing. Does anyone know anything about tanning (the fake kind, not the actual in-the-sun kind). I wanna go and get a base tan so I don't burn like a lobster this summer, which will inevitably happen if I don't go tanning. But I mean, are you supposed to wear your bathing suit? I kinda would like not to have tan lines, but at the same time I think maybe some areas that don't generally see the sun might get a little tender and burnt, doncha think? Please weigh in on this, I'm a tanning virgin!

posted by Lauren@ 8:43 PM


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