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happy memorial day

Today is Memorial Day, which you might not know if, for some reason, you're reading this blog from another country. Anyway, this Memorial Day is absolutely beautiful. If you like rain and clouds and 63 degree weather, which you might if you were from like Alaska or something (no offense to people from Alaska, I've been there and I loved it). So yeah, today is gross and ugly and not what Memorial Day is supposed to be like. So I'm pissed. I wanted to have a nice barbecue tonight (prolly shoulda run that past my parents first though, oh well, its not happening now) with yummy hot dogs and hamburgers and pasta salad, but noooo, the weather won't cooperate.

The Memorial Day weekend is not however, a total bust. I did make it down to the beach yesterday. My best friend graduated from college (yay for college graduates!)and so her parents threw her a graduation party. They live down on Long Beach Island in South Jersey, which, if you're not familiar with it, is a 22-mile long island which is completely deserted 9 months out of the year. This weekend starts the three-month-long stretch where there are more people than you could possibly know what to do with down there. Still, even though I've never been a huge fan of the Jersey shore, I have to admit that I like it down there. I used to spend every Memorial Day weekend down there with my best friend (since my parents won't go within like 30 miles of the Jersey shore--which is good b/c if they wanted to be any farther away from it than that, we'd have to move). Point is, I made it down to the beach yesterday.

So, speaking of college graduations, Princeton University's graduation is going on this Tuesday. We live about 6 miles from Princeton, which means that this weekend began the hell of Alumni Weekend. Hell officially ends with the conclusion of the Commencement ceremony on Tuesday (although really, I don't think hell officially ends until everyone gets their car the fuck out of town), although the ceremony is usually long enough to stretch into part of Wednesday. Those Ivy Leaguers really like to pat themselves on the back. The one exciting thing about this year's commencement is that my favorite comedian is going to be there. JON STEWART! Jon grew up in Lawrenceville, NJ (where I lived until I was 6) which is not at all relevant to why I'm excited that he's coming to town (I'm acting as if he's Santa Claus or something). I just think that he's really great. And that he's from around here doesn't hurt, but I dont' think it actually has anything to do with the fact that I like his sense of humor.

I think perhaps I have babbled enough for one day. Now I must return to my other hellish reality, the one that has nothing to do with Princeton, its ridiculous alumni P-rade (they really call it that, and the alums really do walk around town wearing BRIGHT orange jackets and tiger's tails pinned to their butts) or its 10-hour long back-patting ceremony. Alas, I have more LSAT homework to do. But, I am almost done with it. I only have 1 book left! I know you have no idea what I'm talking about, but just congratulate me already.

posted by Lauren@ 12:59 PM


my memorial day was half spent hanging out with good peoples, and then sitting in my car waiting for traffic to clear from a God-forsaken freeway in the middle of nowhere.

By Blogger Dante, at June 2, 2004 at 4:51 AM  

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