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hometown hero

Hell yeah, Smarty Jones won the Preakness. I was at work, and I admit it, for the two minutes or whatever that it took to run the race, I was a bad server. I ignored my tables and went to the bar to watch. What a great fucking race! I hate to sound too pop culture or whatever, but I read Seabiscuit last year (I saw the movie too and I have the DVD)and the way Smarty runs reminds me a lot of Seabiscuit. He was just biding his time until the end and then he just let it all loose. I mean really, who wants to watch a race where one horse is in front from start to finish. Smarty Jones likes a good finale. And he likes to rub it in just a little and go "yeah, I could run faster than your ass the whole time, I was just putting on a good show." Still, I wouldn't place a bet on him (yet) for the Belmont Stakes, especially considering what happened with Funny Cide last year.

But yay for the hometown hero (in case you're wondering, Smarty Jones is from the Philly area--and obviously so am I).

"Smarty" Will Chase Triple Crown at Belmont

posted by Lauren@ 2:29 AM


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