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my neck hurts

I've been playing too much online Pyramid solitaire. I'm a dork. I've also been doing dumb things lately, like signing up for all those cash for surveys type of sites. The newest one I've signed up for is Inbox Dollars, which actually seems to be an okay one, not to mention which you get $5 just for signing up (and yes, I am that dorky that I did just give you a referral link because if you sign up with me as your referral, I get $5). I'm not going so far as to clutter up the blog with banner ads from all these places though. Anyway, nothing much else is going on. I should be doing homework instead of trying to earn money online. Wanna follow my logical train of thought on that one? Just watch. HOMEWORK-->GET GOOD LSAT SCORE-->GET INTO GOOD LAW SCHOOL-->GRADUATE FROM SAID GOOD LAW SCHOOL-->MAKE MUCH MORE MONEY THAN COULD EVER MAKE ONLINE. Pretty smart huh? I know, you're not impressed. But I am that bored. Anyway, glad to see that Dante is back, which I gathered when I realized that the comments really do work. Definitely a good thing. Hmm...I think I'm going to do some homework now.

After I play a few more games. UGH, I'm such a NERD!

posted by Lauren@ 6:14 PM


i am back! but then i went away for the weekend and came back yet again!

i usually waste a few good hours playing solitaire that could have been better spent doing other more productive things.


By Blogger Dante, at June 2, 2004 at 4:49 AM  

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