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yeah yeah

Yeah, I'll get those pictures up soon. Not to mention my in-depth report of the trip to London. But I've just been bombarded by work this week. I'm behind like you wouldn't believe in my LSAT class because of the trip abroad, and then I've been working nonstop. I worked a double on Thursday, a double on Friday, woke up at 8am this morning to take my LSAT diagnostic and then had to go to work tonight. Then we got evacuated b/c the fire alarm in the mall went off for what I can only imagine was not a real emergency, seeing as they didn't make us evacuate until five minutes before they let everyone else back in (the alarm went off for like 20 minutes). So that was fun (dripping with sarcasm here guys). Then, get this, later in the night, the damn thing goes off again. And people had the NERVE (not to mention class) to complain about it. Do I look like the fucking Fire Marshal? Yeah, I get that its annoying, and loud, and it makes a really fucking obnoxious noise. But don't ask me if I can turn it off you ignoramus. It's a fire alarm. Maybe you should try sucking the Fire Marshal's dick and then he'll turn it off for you. But honestly, complaining about it just makes my life more difficult. Deal with it. If you don't want to, get out. I could care less.

Deep breaths. Had to get that off my chest.

ANYWAY, as I was saying about my delinquency in putting up London pictures/details of the trip. Tomorrow I have to work in the morning, as its Mother's Day and a mandatory work day. Then I have to go to my LSAT class tomorrow night for a review of the diagnostic we took today (by the way, I got a 157, 5 points higher than I got on the first one--and people usually do worse on the 2nd one b/c they're trying to use all the techniques we've learned and stuff--so I'm pretty damn proud of myself...looks like Lauren might be going to a good law school after all). Then Monday I have the class, Tuesday its work, Wednesday class, Thursday/Friday double, Saturday dinner and then finally next Sunday I will get a full day off. I hate my life. I wanna go back to London. I'd even be okay with this kind of schedule in London. Hell, I'd need this kind of schedule in London b/c God knows I couldn't live on anything less. Okay, bed. Now.

posted by Lauren@ 1:20 AM


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