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Today is the day that the other shoe is going to drop, the shit is going to hit the fan, the....okay, I'm out of dumb euphemisms (my repetoire is very small). The point is, today is the day that pretty much determines where I'm going to get into law school. Yep, that's right, after months of whining about LSAT homework and going to class, etc., today is finally the day that I'm taking the LSAT. Right now it's 10:52 am (that's 7:52 am for you Dante) and I have to be at the testing center by 12:30pm. I just got out of the shower, I'm dressed, but I still have to dry my hair, do my makeup, put on socks and shoes, get my pencils ready, grab the admission ticket, and hightail it to the gas station for cigs before I actually go on my way. Luckily, as long as I stop babbling on here, that shouldn't take me more than 35 or 40 minutes. Okay, I need to stop typing. Is this pounding in my chest normal?

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