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days of summer

Yay for days that involve lemonade and lying out by the pool in my bathing suit. I love summer. I love the weekend. Okay, I know its not the weekend, but today is my Sunday since I work Saturdays and have Sundays and Mondays off.

Life is also really good now that I'm done with the LSAT class. Before it was like having 1 day off each week because on Mondays and Wednesdays I'd have to go to my class at like 4:45 which really cuts into the day.

On the subject of the LSAT, its now T minus 14 days or so before I get my score. I think the approximate date that they gave us was July 6th. So its two more weeks of blissfully not worrying about what my score will be or where I 'm going to apply to school, so yay for that too.

I'm just in a great mood today, and for no particular reason. I love sunny summer days and eating dinner outside and taking the dog for long walks, etc.

Okay, enough of my cheesiness. I'm done for today. Back to watching On Air with Ryan Seacrest (it's a surprisingly good show).

posted by Lauren@ 5:29 PM


lemonaide and swimming pools are great. i imagine that you in your bathsuit is quite great as well. (no, i'm not being a creepy pig... just paying you a genuine compliment)

i'm saying prayers and crossing my fingers for you on your lsat score return. i really hope that you got a good mark on it.

last summer i was torn in two waiting for my sat's to get back. having delyaed until i was 23 to take the test, and applying for college when i previously thought there was no hope for me of acheiving a higher education (my grades in high school were beyond awful - my fault), it seemed like forever for them to grade the damn things and hand them back.

sadly, my score was less then stellar and i was denied entrance despite having what the head of the music department quoted as being one of the best audition tapes he had heard that year.

oh well.

By Blogger Dante, at June 22, 2004 at 1:52 AM  

to me its totally ridiculous that colleges put so much weight on scores. I mean i guess b/c everyone has to take them under the same conditions and all, but still, its stupid. its like trying to fit everyone into the same mold.

so i'm sorry to hear that you didn't get in, b/c that sucks. personally, i think they should modify the criteria for admission for older students (and obviously i don't mean that you're old, just older than the average person applying to college, but you get it).

i'm not really in love with the admissions process right now, but maybe i'll like it more if my score comes back really good. i can tell you i'll like it a whole lot less if it comes back really bad, but that pretty much goes without saying.

By Blogger Lauren, at June 23, 2004 at 12:43 PM  

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