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i'm really stupid sometimes

So my friend Jen just called and invited me to go to a Philadelphia Phillies game with her, Rory and Kate. Rory and Kate won the tickets in a work contest on Friday and Saturday nights this past weekend, and it turns out that they have an extra ticket. Why is this stupid of me? Well, perhaps because I really did only get like 2 hours of sleep last night and I haven't napped other than for like 20 minutes. That and I have to open at work tomorrow at 10am. And perhaps also because I'm working a double tomorrow, Friday and Saturday. Yeah, I'm not the brightest sometimes, but its gonna be fun; a girl's night out. If I can stay awake. The Phillies are playing the Detroit Tigers tonight, so its not like the game is gonna be any good (although I hear the Tigers aren't doing that badly, and its always fun to watch American League pitchers try to bat, hehe) but I haven't been to a professional baseball game in forever.

Literally. Okay, not literally (you caught me using language that is too strong once again). But almost literally. I think the last time I saw the Phillies play was probably when I was in like 7th grade, and I haven't seen the Yankees (my favorite team) play since I was 8 (that I really do mean literally. The last time I was at a Yankees game I was 8 years old, we had shitty seats somewhere in left field, and this annoying lady behind us kept yelling "MEEELLLL! MEEELLL!" at Mel Hall, the left fielder. It sucked. And it was during the 80's so the Yankees sucked as well).

Now that I think of it, I think I went to a Montreal Expos game when I was 16. Yeah, I did. We were vacationing in Montreal and we saw them play the Colorado Rockies. Let me tell you something: the Canadians have the whole concession food thing down to a very pleasant science. They come and take your order and then serve you in your seats! More American stadiums should do that for the people who don't have the rich person sky boxes.

Oooh, more exciting baseball trivia for you (I realize I have given you exactly zero exciting baseball trivia up to this point, but bear with me, I'm working on exactly zero sleep). I'm going to see the Phillies play in their new home tonight at Lincoln Field (or the Linc as we call it around here because we're too stupid or lazy to call it by its full name. We did that with Veterans Stadium too, imploded earlier this spring, by calling it The Vet). I know the Eagles (or Iggles and those from Philly prefer to pronounce it) played there all season, but I still think its cool.

Okay, I'm spent. And I have to shower. Wish me luck in staying awake the rest of the day.

posted by Lauren@ 3:21 PM


i think the last time i went to a baseball game was in 2001. yeah, if i recall, it was the game when bonds hit the 77th ball. or the 76th. maybe it was both.... it was several years ago so i can't recall too clear.

it's been *for*ever since i've seen the phillies in action. when dad worked at wcau we used to go to games all the time. got to meet the fanatic and hang out in the announcer's booth.

angel's stadium has some great press boothes, too. all the food you can want for free (well, not quite free but it's somebody else's dime).

you'll have a great time, and at some point you'll get to pass out and enjoy that golden paradise that is sleep.

and perhaps you'll even dream about tobey.... ;-)

By Blogger Dante, at June 16, 2004 at 10:33 PM  

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