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    Well, its been yet another interesting week. On Wednesday I had my second wonderful date with Derek. I really like him a lot, although we have to find a better place to make out because the car is getting old, plus it makes me feel like I'm in high school again. Anyway, the date went wonderfully and I have absolutely no doubts that I'll see him again very soon. As soon as I don't look like a chipmunk, that is. What did I do Thursday? Well, I had my wisdom teeth removed. If you want to know how much fun that was, you'll have to ask someone else because I've spent the past three days sleeping. Literally. Today I managed to spend a little time on the phone (with Derek, Jen, Katie, Rachael, etc--those friends who were nice enough to want to know how I was doing). Oh yeah, I actually showered today too. And shaved my legs, and even ventured outside the house, although that was mostly because my neighbor's house was in the midst of burning down. Literally. They were on vacation but the dog was at home and poor Chewy didn't make it. It was sad. Anyway, I would write more, but I'm soooo tired. My body has yet to recover from the ridiculous amount of Percocet that I have pumped into it in the past few days. Time for Laur Laur to go sleepy.

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    Has anyone been watching any of the Democratic National Convention?  Usually, I try to stay away from watching that stuff, even though I'm a super-Democrat (my own description of myself), because it puts me to sleep.  But seeing as all the networks were carrying coverage of the convention starting at about 10pm last night, I had no choice.  And I'm actually glad I watched. Bill Clinton's speech last night was extremely powerful.  One of his most interesting points was that the Republicans need a divided America to win, and that's why they're so interested in painting such a negative picture of John Kerry.  But my favorite part of the speech was when he "mocked" (as the Washington Post put it) President Bush when he said that "Strength and wisdom are not opposing values."  This is something I don't think the Bush administration understands.  But that's another story.  Another highlight was when Clinton reminded everyone there that everyone needs to go out and actually cast their vote because Al Gore is the living embodiment of the principle that every vote counts.  Anyway, I really enjoyed the speech, and Hillary's before it.  I actually plan on watching Ron Reagan's speech tonight about stem-cell research.  On another note, guess what?  I have another date tomorrow night!  Yay!  I'm pretty stoked.  I think we're just gonna go see a movie though, probably The Bourne Supremacy, since I'm having my wisdom teeth removed on Thursday morning and so I wanted to do something kinda low key.  Anyway, its almost time for Charmed on TNT so I gotta be goin'.

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    Man Swings Gator at Girlfriend

    You gotta check this out.  Honestly, it amazes me how completely freakish and completely nuts people can be.  But at the same time, let me ask you this:  who the hell keeps a pet alligator???

    posted by Lauren@ 8:18 PM 2 comments

    This Land

    Everyone has to go to JibJab.com and check out their video called "This Land."  It's hysterical.  In fact, I think I might go watch it again now. 

    posted by Lauren@ 1:43 PM 4 comments


    what the fuck

    I'll tell you what.  Jesus Christ, what the fuck is wrong with this week.  First fucking Jen's husband has a stroke at 38 years old.  That's not fucking supposed to happen.  Then Emily decides she has to try to kill herself?  Seriously, how much is one person supposed to be able to deal with in less than one fuck week?  I'm pissed as shit at Emily.   What exactly does she think I'm made of?  Fucking iron or something?  My brain can only fucking process so much at once.  I mean, I get that she's going through some shit, but come on!  I can't take much more of this.  And they say bad things happen in threes you know.  One more thing and I'll go over the fucking edge.  I mean don't get me wrong, I'd never do something as fucking dumb as Emily did, but I've been in the depressed state of mind before, and I don't want to go there again. Weird as it is, the thought of the potential relationship that I have with Derek is sort of keeping me sane.  Because its the one thing in my life right now that's going in a positive direction.  Like I have my family and all, and I have a good relationship with them, but that's really just status quo.  So the fact that I had a good date last night with someone that I think I could really like is so good for me at this shitty moment.  Ugh. I need to wake up from this hellish fucking dream.

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    more bad news

    And the week just keeps on getting better.  About an hour ago I got a call from Rory and she said that our friend Emily tried to kill herself last night and so she's in the hospital too.  Apparently she took a whole bunch of pills.  It's so weird, I just talked to her the other day and everything seemed fine.  I'm hanging out with my friend Lambert tonight, and he works with her, so maybe he knows more than Rory does about what brought this on.  I haven't heard from Jen yet but Rory and I have been leaving her messages for the past couple of days.  I wonder why she's not calling back.  I hope Bob's doing okay. Other than that, my day is actually going pretty well.  I got to see my best friend from high school for lunch today so I shared with her all the details of my wonderful date last night.  Anyway, gotta get going.

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    first dates

    So, I went out with Derek tonight.  It went really well.  As in, I'm not even sure I want to share it with anyone yet because I almost sort of want to keep it private for a little while.  But let me just say that I really like him and it went really well.  That's about all I can say right now.  I think my brain has to process it all before I can start talking about it, ya know?  Anyway, its not like its a really interesting story or anything, so you're probably not missing much.

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    Holy shit, a lot has happened in the past few days.  And not all of it good.

    I spent the weekend in DC visiting a friend that I used to work with while I was in college and I had a total blast.  I went to a strip club!  First time for me.  It was really fun actually. Oh, and I saw the new World War II Memorial on the Mall and I went to see the Brown vs. Board of Education exhibit at the Smithsonia American History museum.

    So yesterday I was driving back from DC in the pouring rain when my best friend Leah called me.  She had been living in Virginia, but about a month ago she and her husband and their 10 month old moved to Philly so now they're only like an hour away from me.  We made plans to see each other on Wednesday and I have to admit that I was feeling pretty good (despite being exhuasted and driving in ridiculous traffic in the pouring rain).

    Then when I got home I called Derek (the guy from the party).  We talked for a while and eventually made plans to go out on Wednesday night.  Wednesday's gonna be a good day (assuming the date goes well).

    After I took a little nap I drove over to work to get my schedule for the week.  That's when everything went to shit.  When I got there, someone pulled me aside and told me that my friend Jen's husband was in the hospital being treated for a stroke.  From the sound of things, it was pretty bad.  They don't know how or why exactly yet, but for some reason his brain started hemorraging yesterday while Jen was at work.  A guy at work had to drive her to the hospital, and later on Rory and I called her to see if she needed anything.  Rory and I are her closest friends at work.

    So today we went to see her in the hospital in Philly.  Luckily, he's at Thomas Jefferson, which has one of the best neurology departments in the country.  Bob's a little better today, but he's not out of the woods yet by far.  He's paralyzed on the right side of his body, although he can move his toes and shrug his shoulders and do some other things, he just can't feel it while he's doing it.  Jen is clearly going nuts.  But she's dealing, being a real trooper. 

    I'm ridiculously exhausted now so I'm gonna go to bed.  This has been a very interesting weekend, but I really wish it had ended a little better.


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    I met a guy!

    I went to a party tonight, just got home, and I had to let everyone (okay, so Dante may be the only one reading) know that I met a guy. Honestly, don't know much about him yet, but he's nice, he's cute, he's got a degree and a job, and he drives a Porsche Cayenne (which, by the way, at the very least retails at about $45,000 and at the most retails at about $90,000, but I was inside it and I think he drives the nice(er) version). But that's not important (if you're not Jewish like me). Anyway, I got a very nice kiss goodbye (okay, more than one, but I'm not gonna elaborate just yet) and he's gonna call me. He better anyway. Okay, time for bed. Just had to let ya know.

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    great news

    Wanna hear my good news? I got my LSAT score, and I got a 163! That puts me in the 90th percentile! I was so stoked when I got the score on Friday night. I wasn't even looking for it b/c they had told me I wouldn't get it until July 6, which as you know, is Tuesday. So anyway, it opens up a bunch of doors for me and makes me feel smart (because I'm smarter than 90% of the people who took the test---did I mention that I have no humility or modesty?) so its good.

    I'm tired from driving back from the middle of nowhere in PA, which is probably why I'm making almost no sense in this post. Actually, we drove from the middle of nowhere in upstate NY, but my dad got tired of driving in the middle of nowhere in PA so I switched with him since my mom won't do it (she has a highway phobia). So now I'm tired and...mostly just tired. We were at a family reunion yesterday, which was fun. It was nice to see everyone, and since I got the score, they all thought that I was really smart. I'm the smart kid. Okay, since I obviously have nothing of merit to say I'm gonna leave it at that. I'm the smart kid.

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    crazy crazy week

    Yeah, yeah, I know. Long time no blog. I've been busy.

    Last weekend I went to upstate NY for my cousin's high school graduation. It was nice to see the family, but not overly interesting otherwise. Then this Tuesday and Thursday (today that is) I had my volunteer training at Planned Parenthood. I'm going to be a Pregnancy Options Counselor. I would be more enthusiastic if I wasn't so damn tired. The training lasted from 9am until 4pm today and Tuesday. I'm on information overload right now.

    Which is probably why I so enjoyed watching North Shore, that new show on FOX. Of course, my enjoyment of the show could also have something to do with the abundance of ridiculously hot and seriously underclothed men that are on the show, like the JFK Jr. lookalike (who played him in a TV movie I think) who is seriously gorgeous. Or that guy that plays the surf instructor. Yeah...mmmmm, mmmmm, good.

    On the subject of hot guys, I saw Spider-Man 2 last night. (Dante, have you seen it yet? Our future spouses look pretty good in it!) Anyway, the movie was actually really awesome, which I wasn't totally expecting. I mean, I had read some reviews that said that it was a really good movie, but I guess I just didn't believe that an action hero movie could be that good. Then again, how could it be bad with Tobey Maguire swinging around in a skin-tight Spidey suit? But no, I mean, that's not what I was looking at. Riiight. But in all seriousness, the movie actually was pretty good and if you haven't seen the first one, I recommend that you rent the DVD and then go check out Spidey 2. It's definitely worth the $8. Or go see a matinee and only pay $5 or something. Okay, I'm done for tonight. Too tired to go on.

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