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oh, the disenchantment

So, I did finally talk to Derek on Wednesday night. But only because I called him, chickened out like a 3rd grader after the phone rang twice, and hung up. He called me back about a half hour later. I did however, go over to work and I ended up going out with Lisa, who gave me some very interesting information regarding this guy that I'm going out with.

Interesting Tidbit #1: He's never had a real adult relationship.

Now, that's not really a bad thing, its just not normal. I mean, most people have had at least one relationship by the time they're 27, right? Especially someone who is attractive, has a good personality, has a good job, and generally seems to have a lot going for them. So anyway, that was a little bit disenchanting to me.

Interesting Tidbit #2: He lives with his parents.

I'll be the first to admit that I can't really judge too many people on this one, since I happen to live with my parents. But, my situation is a) temporary and b) cheap. I'm not driving around in an $80,000 car and coming home to live with my parents. Living with Mom and Dad can be very convenient, but honestly, it makes me question the common sense factor a little bit. As in, wouldn't it be easier to get a $50,000 and use the other $30,000 on a place of your own to live?

So we're hanging out tonight and I guess I'm just gonna see how it goes. I might just let it run its course tonight and then let him tell me he'll call me and just never pick up his slack by calling him when he forgets. We'll see how it goes tonight. I'll keep ya posted.

posted by Lauren@ 11:54 AM


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