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If you do not wish to know the results of tonight's Women's Gymnastics Individual All-Around Final, DO NOT READ THIS POST!

So, I was just at the USA Gymnastics homepage because I have a problem with needing instant gratification and I wanted to know who won the gold in the women's All-Around today in Athens.

So, I hope you want to know this, because I warned you at the top of the post. Here's the warning again. I KNOW WHO WON THE GOLD. IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW BEFORE WATCHING IT ON TV TONIGHT, STOP READING RIGHT HERE!

16 year old American gymnast Carly Patterson won the Olympic All-Around competition this evening in Athens. So far the United States has medaled in every single gymnastics event held during the summer games.

By the way, I did gymnastics for 12 years, so I'm a gymnastics freak. I mean seriously, can you believe what they've been doing? Monday night the American men won the team silver medal, the first time they've medaled in an Olympic Games since 1984, and that Games wasn't even fully attended (the Soviets boycotted that year). Then on Tuesday night the American women made a few errors and placed second to the Romanian women's team, who wrapped up a gold for the second Olympic Games in a row. The best part about the women's team silver was that they've completely rebuilt their program over the past 4 years. In Sydney the team didn't even medal.

Wednesday night in Athens was Paul Hamm's night. After literally hitting the judges table after sitting down his vault in the 4th rotation, putting him all the way down in 12th place, he managed to battle back during his last two rotations to win the all-around gold medal by the SMALLEST margin in history. And he's the first American man to win the all-around gold medal in ANY Olympics, fully attended or not.

Then there's tonight, which I obviously haven't seen yet. Carly Patterson wins the women's all-around gold medal. That hasn't been done since Mary Lou Retton did it in 1984, and while that was spectacular, I think I may have already mentioned that the '84 Games weren't fully attended.

So anyway, I won't be able to spoil the news for the event finals, since I'll be in Arizona. Thanks if you actually didn't get completely bored by my little lesson in the recent historic Olympic events.

Oh yeah, I already got my computer back. Doesn't that rock? I only sent it out on like Tuesday! And it works! I love Dell (buy their products, even if they break they fix them fast).

posted by Lauren@ 4:18 PM


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