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finally, the weekend

I am so happy that the weekend is here. It hasn't been an overly interesting week, just what has seemed like an overly long one. I've just been up early every day and out late every night so I'm a tad on the tired side. Honestly, I don't know why I go out so freakin often. I mean, I get so tired. But then again, its hard when you actually work with the people you're friends with because its not like you actually get to hang out while you're at work, so we end up going out after work and doing our hanging out then. I guess that's what people tend to do when they go to happy hour. I wouldn't know, seeing as I'm always waiting on people at happy hour rather than attending one myself.

I saw Derek on Monday, which was nice, and will also be a story and a half. I'm way to tired to write the whole thing out, but it sort of went well. I mean, it went well, but he seems to be waiting for some divine sign from God that this is IT or something, which is not exactly the way it works. Its just hard to explain to someone that when you meet someone and have a good time with them and have a physical attraction that's mutual, that divine sign from God only comes once in a blue moon. If you just go with it, the rest of all that stuff comes later. If you're lucky. Anyway, I know this is making no sense because you don't know the whole story so I promise to tell it all soon so I can get some insight from everyone else. Okay, gotta go watch the season premiere of Reba.

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