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wanna give me a car?

A couple of days ago, the overdrive light on my car began flashing. I'm not a total moron, I know that if the overdrive is off, that means I pressed the button. But I hadn't. So I pressed it a couple of times, tried to get the thing to stop flashing, and then decided I would go get the light fixed on Friday morning since I didn't have to be at work. At that point, it honestly didn't occur to me that anything was wrong with the car. I thought it had just blown a fuse or something like that. So this morning, I took the car in, had them drive me home and went back to bed.

They called with an estimate, and my mom took the call. Apparently I need a new transmission. For something like $2800. My mom was like, uhhhh...NO. So instead the dude is just changing the transmission fluid and resetting the computer. That's apparently gonna keep it alive for the next year or so, after which I need a new car anyway. And oh yeah, I need new brakes too. Apparently they're completely shot. Honestly, does anyone wanna buy me a new car? My dad said if anything else goes wrong with this one we're just gonna get me a new(er) and not falling apart car. How is it that my transmission is shot? Dude, the car might be ten years old, but it has less than 100,000 miles on it. It has like 9,000 miles less. Ugh, I hate Fords. They age like shit. Wanna hear the list of shit that has gone wrong with my car since we got it in 1998? Firestone tires that went bald, leaky windshield that had to be replaced, parts falling off the interior, radio that likes to adjust its own volume, new brakes, more new tires, sticking in 4WD low, more new brakes, and now, crappy transmission. Why are my parents making me keep this car? I have money in investments, so I have money to make a down payment. UGH!

There was good news yesterday though. I got a new phone, something else I needed desperately. I now have a camera, and text messaging, and fun ring tones and all that good stuff that other people got to have but I never did. So yay. And I'm getting a $150 rebate! Yay!

posted by Lauren@ 1:34 PM


you think having a old car is bad try owning a old house.

My place in NY was just classified by the elctritian as a fire hazard... 15,000 usd later the basment panel looks like a nasa switch board but i still don;t get power on half of the 1st floor.

last month it was the water heater.

NEVER BUY AN OLD HOUSE. ("this old house" is nothing but propganda)

umm toytoa prius.. it also has a auto park option so the car will paraell itself (always helpful in the tri-state area) plus its good for the enviorment. (you do like cute bunny rabbits don't you? so no SUV)

By Blogger K.S.G., at September 11, 2004 at 4:28 PM  

I feel for you about the old house situation. One of my friends just bought a house that's 104 years old. She seems to like it so far though.

I'll think about the Prius, although I'm leaning towards the Volvo S40. And about the auto park option, while I'm sure that's wonderful for some people, imagine this: I've been driving an SUV since I was 17 in the Princeton area (lots of parallel parking there) as well as in Washington, DC for 3 years. I am a master parallel parker. I can get into spaces even little cars don't get into. So that part I'm not worried about. But it would be nice to get something good for the environment. I do like bunnies.

By Blogger Lauren, at September 12, 2004 at 4:52 PM  

this place was built in 1892... so when people say "pre-war" i have to ask which war. it's a love hate relationship.

The auto park.. it's more for the cool factor...
i mean you leave the car in the middle of the street get out press a button and walk away... mean while the car does it's thing. however this is not the only reason you buy this car (or one like it)

They also maintain a excellent resale value in contrast to alot of autos.

in addition it;s worth some consderation that gas bound to hit 3.00usd a gallon if the shit hits the fan in one of oh so many locations(venezula, iraq, russia) i think it would be wise to get something that is eco freindly (and sure to give anyones kharma a boost)

you could always go old school merc 300 series and run it off of veggie oil.

By Blogger K.S.G., at September 12, 2004 at 8:03 PM  

well, you said your problem already. it's a ford, aka "found off road dead."

i love the explorer and the crown victoria, but ford just has such a terrible reputation. sadly, most of the american manufacturers just can't compete with the reliability of foreign makes.

anything by toyota is pretty much kosher, as well as nissan and honda. not so hip on mitsubishis, but volvo is definitely super nice, and if your parents are willing to drop the cash, i would advise you go for it.

By Blogger Dante, at September 13, 2004 at 12:11 PM  


they were bought out a few years ago.
i think the s40 uses the same componets as the
ford countor... i also belive it's the jaguar s-type (also owned by ford) as well.

welcome to globalization

By Blogger K.S.G., at September 14, 2004 at 10:09 PM  

yup, i know about the whole volvo/ford thing. however, i've been checking where all the cars i've been looking at have been manufactured. so far all the s40s i've seen online have been manufactured in sweden, though i have no idea if that really means anything. i'm gonna be real careful as to what i eventually purchase. i dont want another car that'll crap out on me everytime someone sneezes near it.

By Blogger Lauren, at September 17, 2004 at 4:28 PM  

well.. it's not like ford is going to buy a company and then shut down the facilities so they go to waste. (plus make it painfully obvius that they own the company) however the engines and such are carried over from fords line of cars which is cheaper for the company.

IE: the jaguar x8r (i think) uses the same engine as the f350 pick up....

I don;t think it's where the car is made persey (jettas are made in mexico , Mercades suv's are made in alabama ) but by whom.

I'd say give the passat a look.
They are made by vw based on a audi a4-a6 platfrom
and made in germany (german steel is the best)

It's a long story but between my parents and my brother
they have a jetta, a passat, a audi s8, and a phateon
( http://www.vw.com/phaeton/ )a northstar cadilac, a town car, an acura tl, a hand full of suv's , a minivan (etc) and for zooming around town my brother tells me the passat is the prefered car. (my father prefers the phaeton but he doesn't drive and my mother prefers the s8 though she never drives it as it should be dirven)

By Blogger K.S.G., at September 21, 2004 at 1:19 AM  

dude, do they really have that many cars? that's insane. how many was that? i forgot to count. anyway, i'll let you know how i like my little volvo when i get it tomorrow.

By Blogger Lauren, at September 24, 2004 at 12:26 PM  

even though volvo is owned by ford, ford has done little to change the manufacturing process or interefere with the fabrication of those cars. volvos still hold the same high standards of reliability that they had pre-ford buyout, while fords still generally remain in the "sucks to have one of those" pile.

By Blogger Dante, at September 26, 2004 at 3:29 AM  

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