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    application status update

    So I got an email from Pace University Law School today saying that my application there is complete, which is awesome because it means that it shouldn't be all that long before I get a decision from them. My other good news is that Arizona State University finally requested my law school report which means that my application there should be complete within a week or so, also very very good. I'm hoping to hear from ASU before the new year. Anyway, gotta get ready to go back to work tonight. Hope everyone is having a good day.

    posted by Lauren@ 4:24 PM 3 comments


    alone again

    Here I am, alone again in the house for what seems like the umpteenth weekend in the past few months. Most of the time I don't mind it, but whenever the 'rents leave for the weekend I have to take care of the dogs, which usually entails coming home directly after work to let them out and waking up early to walk and feed them. It's really not that bad considering that in return I get a couple of days of freedom. But it can be a drag when I want to go out.

    I really shouldn't be complaining. I think I'm just cranky since I had to work on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Tomorrow morning I have to be at work at 9:30am to open the bar, part of my training as a bartender. Considering I have to work all of my regularly scheduled shifts on the floor, its gonna take me a long time to finish my bar training. Sort of annoying considering I have bartended before. But whatever. Like I said, I'm just a little cranky and overworked. Overworked, and yet still poor. The money this week, as expected, was dismal. I made a whole $15 on Thanksgiving Day. Because, duh, who goes out to eat on Thanksgiving if they can avoid it? I was home in time for dinner with my family, but only because my dad ended up having to work the holiday also because one of his coworkers had a miscarriage.

    Anyway, I just got home from the movies with my friend Rachael. We saw the new Bridget Jones flick. It was hysterical. Now I'm just sittin around watching a rerun of CSI on UPN. I think I'm gonna go to sleep soon.

    posted by Lauren@ 10:07 PM 2 comments


    goodbye anonymous

    Well, I finally changed the settings on the comments. So, sorry to anyone without blogger who would like to comment on my blog, one of the Anonymous commenters ruined it for everyone else. And yes Dante, of course I know that it was not you posting those obnoxious comments. You've never had anything but nice things to say to me, and although we don't actually know each other, I would guess that it would take a serious personality disorder for you to all of a sudden start posting comments calling me a whore and such. So no worries, I'm not mad at you.

    In other news, I have officially applied to 8 law schools! I'm pretty excited, pretty anxious, and pretty relieved pretty much all at once. I'm excited because I've finally gone through with it and applied to schools in order continue my education. I'm anxious because well, duh, it sucks to turn your fate over to a bunch of faceless people who will never meet you and who judge whether or not you're going to be a good lawyer on the sole basis of a couple of numbers and a few pieces of paper. And I'm relieved because I've got 8 applications finally out of the way. That's 8 times less stress than I had before I applied. Unfortunately, I still have 7 applications left to send out (or maybe 8, I forget), although what's holding me back on those is the fact that my parents are out of town for the weekend and I lack the magic of my mother's checkbook, which is supplying the dough for those all important (and, might I add, ridiculously expensive) application fees.

    Anyway, now its just a waiting game. So far I'm waiting to hear from the University of Pittsburgh, Pace University, Penn State, Stetson University, George Mason University, Rutgers-Newark, Rutgers-Camden, and Quinnipiac University. Keep your fingers crossed for me (but wait to cross your toes until I send out the application for Arizona State, because that's where I really want to go).

    posted by Lauren@ 5:48 PM 3 comments


    read this...

    If you don't read anything else this week, read this week's op-ed by Maureen Dowd, Slapping the Other Cheek.

    I'm not gonna say anything about it, just read it.

    posted by Lauren@ 11:28 PM 1 comments


    young voter turnout (again)

    I wanted to respond to a comment that was left on this blog after my little rant about the young voter turnout in last Tuesday's election.

    The comment is as follows:

    "I am a single 24 year old woman who voted for Bush and I sure there are more young voters who voted the same way. Maybe you would have been happier if they had voted the way you wanted them to...for that lying sack of skin Kerry. At least with Bush as president you can still work in American, Teresa Heinz Kerry supports workers abroad and that is why Heinz factories are outside the US.......so if you love Kerry so much move to indonesia and work in a Heinz factory and make a living off .33 cents a day........LOVE IT OR LEAVE!!! GROW UP AND QUIT COMPLAINING. OR MOVE TO CANADA, I'M SURE THEY WILL TAKE YOU AFTER THEY TAKE IN ALL THE TERRORISTS!!"

    And here's what I have to say to that:

    You're probably right that I would have been happier had more young voters voted the way that I wanted them to. But, while I did let my emotions get in the way, what I really meant to express was that I was disappointed in the percentage of voters who were young. When only 17% of the total voter turnout is young people aged 18-29, I think that's pretty sad. Here we are in the prime of our lives, just at the moment when we can really start to make a difference (by this I don't mean change, I just mean that we're finally able to have some real input and really start to participate in the decision making process that makes this country so great), we're doing nothing. To me, it isn't about whether or not you voted for Bush, or Kerry, or Nader, as long as you went out and voted your conscience.

    Did I want Kerry to win? Yeah. Do I agree with the things that this young woman left in her comment? Not really, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Here's what really gets me though: that love it or leave bullsh*t. I don't know about you, but that's not how I was taught to view this country. The great thing about our democracy is that if I don't love it, no one can force me to, and instead of leaving, I can just continue to vote my conscience and work actively to support the causes that I feel strongly about.

    I really don't want to go into this young woman's political beliefs. They're not really my business, and I truly don't want to attack what she believes when she doesn't really have the opportunity to fight back. I think it's clear that I don't agree with her reasons for voting for Bush, although I think that her emotions may have gotten in the way when she was leaving the comment so that her reasons weren't really articulated.

    I'm tired of all this partisan bullsh*t. I really am. I just want to have a peaceful 4 years where everyone gets their say and the country moves on a track to improve itself and the lives of its citizens. I don't think that's too much to ask. Do you?

    posted by Lauren@ 2:50 PM 2 comments

    booty trouble part 2

    Yeah, so I should have just called out of work this morning. I was there for about an hour, in a shit-tastic section mind you, and at 12:30 I had yet to receive my first table. And the restaurant was busy. But I was in the smoking section, usually the domain of the bartender during lunch. So anyway, I was walking around, and it sucked. I was so uncomfortable, and then it really started to HURT. When the finally sat my section I asked Mari to pick up the table and then I went back to the kitchen to talk to Richard (the boss-man). I was pretty much hysterically crying. I didn't tell him exactly what was ailing me, but I told him that I had a slightly embarassing personal health issue that was making it next to impossible for me to be walking around without being in a ton of pain. Nice guy that he is (sometimes), he sent me home. And now I feel bad that Ashley might have to work for me tonight, but I told her that I would work for her whenever she needed something picked up. I'll even work a Sunday for her, and I DON'T do Sundays at that place. They're hideous. The money isn't bad, but they're hideous. So now I'm at home, thinking about trying my luck walking around the mall for a half hour or so. I don't know what else to do. I've already watched an hour of Laguna Beach on MTV, knitted a row on the scarf that I'm making, and took a nice bath. Now I'm bored. So I think I gotta go.

    posted by Lauren@ 2:32 PM 0 comments

    booty trouble

    I don't wanna get too graphic here, but have you ever had a hemorrhoid? Trust me, you don't want one. I've had two in my life, and the second one is making my ass a big pain in the ass right now. I have no idea how I got it, although my mom thinks that the fact that I work on my feet the whole day could have contributed to it. Anyway, I seriously considered calling out of work this morning because of it, but I have to make my car insurance payment on Monday and as far as I know, I'm not working at all this weekend. Although, on the bright side, I may be beginning my bar training this weekend. I have bartended before, but the Fish makes everyone train on their bar using their rules, which makes sense. What I really want is to make more money. Last Wednesday, Gina worked like 12 hours (I think she got a break) and she walked out the door $300 richer. I've never even had a shift on the floor where I've walked out $200 richer! So I'm pretty excited about bartending. But I should be getting excited about getting dressed for work because that's what I need to do now.

    Wish my ass luck. Tootles.

    posted by Lauren@ 10:55 AM 0 comments


    i can't believe this

    I am so disenchanted with young voters. Actually, I'm more disenchanted with the young NON-voters. I just don't get it. All you 18-29 year olds who didn't vote, what's the deal? You don't like the war in Iraq or our reasons for going there. You want women's rights to be protected. You want the economy not to suck, so you can graduate from college and actually find a job. But then you don't vote. Honestly, young people did this to themselves. We had the power to influence this election, and instead we sat on our beer-drinking asses and let everyone else decide for us (this does not include me...I voted). Now I have to get ready to go to work, but this really pisses me off. Young voters 18-29 years in age comprised only 17% of all voters. That's just so disappointing. And now we have 4 more years of evil dictatorship to look forward to.

    posted by Lauren@ 10:40 AM 4 comments


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