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booty trouble part 2

Yeah, so I should have just called out of work this morning. I was there for about an hour, in a shit-tastic section mind you, and at 12:30 I had yet to receive my first table. And the restaurant was busy. But I was in the smoking section, usually the domain of the bartender during lunch. So anyway, I was walking around, and it sucked. I was so uncomfortable, and then it really started to HURT. When the finally sat my section I asked Mari to pick up the table and then I went back to the kitchen to talk to Richard (the boss-man). I was pretty much hysterically crying. I didn't tell him exactly what was ailing me, but I told him that I had a slightly embarassing personal health issue that was making it next to impossible for me to be walking around without being in a ton of pain. Nice guy that he is (sometimes), he sent me home. And now I feel bad that Ashley might have to work for me tonight, but I told her that I would work for her whenever she needed something picked up. I'll even work a Sunday for her, and I DON'T do Sundays at that place. They're hideous. The money isn't bad, but they're hideous. So now I'm at home, thinking about trying my luck walking around the mall for a half hour or so. I don't know what else to do. I've already watched an hour of Laguna Beach on MTV, knitted a row on the scarf that I'm making, and took a nice bath. Now I'm bored. So I think I gotta go.

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