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booty trouble

I don't wanna get too graphic here, but have you ever had a hemorrhoid? Trust me, you don't want one. I've had two in my life, and the second one is making my ass a big pain in the ass right now. I have no idea how I got it, although my mom thinks that the fact that I work on my feet the whole day could have contributed to it. Anyway, I seriously considered calling out of work this morning because of it, but I have to make my car insurance payment on Monday and as far as I know, I'm not working at all this weekend. Although, on the bright side, I may be beginning my bar training this weekend. I have bartended before, but the Fish makes everyone train on their bar using their rules, which makes sense. What I really want is to make more money. Last Wednesday, Gina worked like 12 hours (I think she got a break) and she walked out the door $300 richer. I've never even had a shift on the floor where I've walked out $200 richer! So I'm pretty excited about bartending. But I should be getting excited about getting dressed for work because that's what I need to do now.

Wish my ass luck. Tootles.

posted by Lauren@ 10:55 AM


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