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    yeah, i'm a dork, but if you're obsessed with The O.C. then check out The Poolhouse.

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    Yeah, I know its been like more than forever since I've posted. I've seriously been pushing myself to the limit this past month, what with work, the holidays, volunteering at two different places, not to mention the family obligations the holidays always seem to bring around. And oh yeah, there's that little law school thing I've been trying to get into also.

    Luckily, that little law school thing has worked out so far. I applied to 15 schools (yes I know I went a little overboard), and so far I have gotten into 5 of them and have yet to be rejected by any of them (I'm sure that first rejection letter is on its way at some point though, there's no possible way I could actually get into all 15 schools). So as of now, I have received acceptance letters/emails/phone calls from The University of Pittsburgh, The University of Richmond, Pace University, Quinnipiac University, and Rutgers-Newark. Pretty impressive if I do so so myself, even if most of those were safety schools.

    Not too much else has been going on in my life, or at least nothing newsworthy. I'm probably gonna put my blog on an official hiatus until I feel like I can actually spend some time working on it again, but I haven't made that official decision yet. So, for now, see ya the next time I post.

    posted by Lauren@ 5:58 PM 1 comments


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