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    milton academy sex scandal

    First, a bit of an update on my life. Then I'll get into the good stuff.

    So, tomorrow I start my new job. I'm working as an administrative assistant-type person with a pharmaceutical company located about twenty minutes from my house. I'm pretty excited about it, even though I've had to spend about $300 in clothing over the past three days just to have enough stuff to wear to an office where the dress code is "upscale business casual," whatever that means. I guess that's my punishment for working as a waitress for the past year. Whatever, I'm now suited up (no pun intended) with three new pairs of pants, four new shirts, two new jackets and one new pair of shoes. I should be pretty good for a while in that department. But what I really want to talk about is...

    The Milton Academy Sex Scandal

    If you watched The Abrams Report tonight on MSNBC (or if you happen to read the Boston Globe) then you may have heard about the so-called "sex scandal" at Milton Academy, a Massachusetts prep school. If not, essentially the gist of it is that five hockey players, ages 16-18, were expelled from the school for receiving oral sex in a locker room from a 15 year-old female student. Apparently this started out because the girl wanted to give the oldest boy a "birthday present." The female student was placed on "administrative leave" from the school but was not expelled. Now, this may not seem like a huge deal since stuff like this does tend to happen in high schools all over the country. But this particular story is of interest to my family and I because my brother graduated from Milton Academy in 2003 and during his time there was a member of the hockey team. He even dated the sister of one of the boys allegedly involved in the scandal. There seems to be a lot of debate over whether or not the boys should have been thrown out of the school. So here I am, offering my view on the matter.

    Damn right they should have been thrown out. Whether or not the girl was coerced, which apparently she was not, at least according to my sources (both news media and what my mother has heard from the parents she is still friends with there), the simple fact is this: no school should be expected to tolerate such behavior from their students. Dan Abrams pointed out this evening that rules expressly prohibiting this kind of behavior are most likely printed in the school's handbook. That's reason number one. Reason number two is that in the state of Massachusetts, anyone under the age of 16 is considered a minor and therefore unable to consent. So now, since the boys are aged 16-18, you're dealing with statutory rape. Since this was reported to the authorities, what else is the school supposed to do? Just sit back and say well yeah, its against the law, but hey, boys will be boys so you can stay? Obviously not. Not to mention, its not like this was a one-on-one situation. This girl gave oral sex to five boys, one right after another. There's no way in my mind that the situation wasn't at all coercive.

    People spend too much time blaming the victim. While I don't know whether or not I think charges should be filed against the boys involved, their punishment from the school was certainly just. At the very least, Milton Academy has its reputation to worry about. The school is widely considered one of the best secondary schools in the nation and has even been called the "Harvard" of prep schools. While it is not as widely known as schools such as Andover or Deerfield, mostly due to the fact that the day student population hugely outnumbers the resident student population, it would be a sad thing for such a wonderful school to gain a nation-wide reputation for an incident as vulgar and salacious as this.

    posted by Lauren@ 7:51 PM 8 comments


    get me the fuck out of here

    Oh my God, I've had it with my mother. Everything I say to her is somehow so offensive that it turns into a screaming match. I made ONE offhand comment about how I wanted to make as much money as possible this week so that I could afford to go shopping if I end up with a job in an office. She FLIPPED OUT. She gave me this cold, dirty look and said, I kid you not, "Well then I hope you don't get a job in an office." Riiiight, because working for $8 an hour at Eddie Bauer would obviously be better than a higher paying job in an office because I wouldn't have to go SHOPPING. Does this make any fucking sense to anyone? I should work somewhere for less money so I don't have to buy clothes. Seriously, I'm fucking stumped on this one.

    Then she starts in on me about the time I spend on bluefly.com, a designer clothing discount site. She seriously yelled at me for spending TIME, but not MONEY, on a website. I think she's gone off the deep end. My favorite part was where she yelled at me for spending $50.00 at Ulta and using her credit card. Uh, you know why I did that genius? Because that $50.00 paid for a haircut that I still would not have gotten if it weren't for the fact that you begged me to do it and told me you'd PAY FOR IT! That's why the fucking $50 bucks is on your credit card statement. Because you fucking told me to put it there!

    I'm sure the new job is going to help with my sanity, but getting the fuck out of this house is what would really do the trick. Only six more godforsaken months to go. Somebody start a countdown clock.

    posted by Lauren@ 3:17 PM 2 comments

    8 days left of misery

    Yesterday I quit my job. I just couldn't stand it anymore, so I quit. I have to finish out this schedule (okay, I don't have to, but I said I would) and then I'm on my own. I don't have another job yet though, so that's a problem. I've applied for a ton of things on the Web, and I have an interview at Eddie Bauer Home on Tuesday, so I'm doing okay so far. Yay, I can't believe I actually quit my job. I'm so exhilarated!

    posted by Lauren@ 11:19 AM 1 comments


    burger burnout

    As I was lying in bed today attempting to recover from the cold that's going around work, I realized that I only have six months left on my sentence of indentured servitude to the restaurant. Unfortunately, the state of my burnout has become such that six months sounds like six years to me. For someone that only works four days a week, I'm really tired. Not to mention poor.

    On January 1, my expenses creeped up to approximately $930 per month, not including my daily morning run to Dunkin' Donuts (are they just an East Coast thing, by the way?) which costs me $3.33 for a medium latte and chocolate glazed donut, the $20-25 I spend on gas every week and a half to two weeks, going out drinking (which has really been reduced to maybe $50 per week, and most of that is spent at lunch--sad and alcoholic as that sounds), and shopping. This makes me sad, because in all honesty, I make about $1600 per month, sometimes less, and every once in a while a little bit more. On a very good week I'll make about $500, which if I could make that consistently, would put me at two grand a month, making my $1000 in expenses seem like nothing. But its not very consistent and this, among other reasons, makes me feel like a great big 24 year-old failure. Until I listen to my friends at work, who all have the same problems, only on top of whatever they pay for their cars, credit cards, health insurance, etc., most of them have to pay rent and utilities too.

    I think the best birthday present I'm gonna get this year (my birthday is in 5 days) is watching my bank account actually creep above the $1000 mark. In fact, at this moment I have something like $1174 in my savings account. God-willing I'll be able to keep it there, or maybe even add something to it. My original goal last year was to put $250 in my savings account every week. If I had done that religiously, I would have like $12,000 now. But I'm ridiculous and I have no concept of how to save money. I've been very good the past few weeks and have not gone out more than once a week, not including my short but oh-so-sweet lunch breaks (which according to the new way we're doing things at work have now been pretty much eliminated), but every time I'm ready to go fork over $300-400 to the savings account gods, my mother asks me for money. Car payment, health insurance, vet bill, etc. So all I've managed to put in is the birthday check I got from my grandmother and the one $50 bill I had left after paying off my mother. In the past two weeks I've given her like $700. And in a week I've got to give her $320 more.

    Being an adult sucks. Being an adult living with your parents while waitressing for a corporate restaurant that believes that you are nothing more than a sales vehicle sucks even more. No wonder I'm so burned out. Please make the summer come soon so I can get out of this hellhole!

    posted by Lauren@ 8:26 PM 2 comments


    Woman On A Mission

    I'm a woman with a mission. As much as I dislike the idea that a person is incomplete without material possessions, in the past week I've become a less cool, less well-dressed Carrie Bradshaw, which is mostly because all I've been doing is watching Sex and the City. The point is, all I want now is Chanel, Manolo, Jimmy Choo, and Marc Jacobs. However, its not like I can really afford it, especially not the Manolos which come in at like four or five hundred a pop. But I have decided on a pair of Marc Jacobs. Wanna see them? You can go visit my soon to be babies here. I'm really proud of myself. What I really wanted for lunch today was Subway, with a Dunkin Donuts donut and coffee for dessert. I know, not healthy but whatev. Instead I'm having one of those Lipton Rice Sides things in Cheddar Broccoli in order to save money. I mean the shoes are only $298 and I've definitely spent that and more on bags, and I do have the money, but if I'm going to indulge this fantasy of being a real-life Carrie Bradshaw (clothing- and shoe-wise anyway), I gotta eat the cheap way. Aren't you proud of me?

    posted by Lauren@ 1:15 PM 0 comments


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