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    news mania

    Wow, what a crazy few days this has been in the news. On Thursday Terri Schiavo died, which personally made me feel a little relieved because I was tired of watching her family fight through the media and in the courts. Lucky for me, the Pope took over the news just after Sciavo's death. And now today the Pope has died. It's amazing to see how many thousands of people are crowded into St. Peter's Square in Vatican City. It's actually pretty touching. And in less earth shattering news, Prince Rainier of Monaco is in a coma and is not expected to survive, so his son Prince Albert has taken over as the reining monarch in Monaco. Until yesterday I was not aware the Monaco was a principality, not a country. Did you know that if Prince Albert does not produce a male heir then Monaco gets turned back over to the French? How much does that suck? I'd be mad. Prince Albert needs to start getting it on if he cares about his country (sorry, principality). Okay, enough about the news now. I'm bored of it all already and we've still got weeks to go of Pope news.

    posted by Lauren@ 3:36 PM 1 comments

    the other girl

    Has anyone seen my morals lying around lately? I seem to have misplaced them. Remember "HOT" of a few posts ago? So it turns out he's back with his girlfriend which I had heard from a mutual friend (which is pretty much all we have, tons and tons of mutual friends) but he's still been calling me.

    So last night, against my better judgment but with a couple of beers in me to make good judgment look bad, I called him. It turned out he was already on his way over to the bar, which worked out just fine for me. Actually for a while after he got there, he didn't even say hello or come anywhere near me. My friend (who knows the entire to cheat or not to cheat saga) even mentioned it.

    After a while I ran out of cigarettes (not like it was that long or that I smoke that much, I really should have stopped for cigarettes on the way there but I'm dumb and didn't anticipate the entire world bumming from me). I went to the Circle K to get some and when I came back I was freezing because it had become cold and rainy outside. So HOT offers to warm me up. So we're sitting there, he's got his thumb down the front of my pants and every once in a while he kisses my neck or bites my ear or something. Keep in mind we're at a BAR while this is going on. Not just a bar, but our neighborhood bar, where everybody knows everybody. Good thing his girlfriend isn't allowed in there because she's like 10. Anyway, we didn't stay like that all night, but at the end of the night there we were again.

    And then he tells me that his girlfriend is coming over. Considering we're not really doing anything and its like 1am and the front doors are probably locked and she can't get in, I'm not super worried, but whatever. Then his hand moved up under my shirt and INTO my bra. IN PUBLIC! When I figured out that he wasn't going to stop (I'm not really sure I wanted him to) I just sort of pulled my jacket around me so as to hide where his hand was. Yeah, I know, it's gross to do that in a bar, but its not really the worst thing I've ever done (as far as I know). Anyway, in the middle of all this he proceeds to tell me that he really wishes his girlfriend was not coming over and I just sort of laughed and told him that it was really fucked up that he was saying that about his girlfriend. Keep in mind, hand still on boob. Then she called and we had to leave.

    So you know what's fucked up on my part? When I saw his girlfriend I gave her a big hug and we JOKED that I was "taking care" of her boyfriend when she wasn't around. OY! Honestly, I really wish I cared a little bit more. Which is why I was wondering if you'd seen my morals. It's almost like I can't stop this from happening, even though nothing really has happened yet. It's like a force of nature or something. And I don't want to hurt the girl, but she knows who he is and it's him that should be thinking about her, not me. Right?

    posted by Lauren@ 9:36 AM 3 comments


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