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news mania

Wow, what a crazy few days this has been in the news. On Thursday Terri Schiavo died, which personally made me feel a little relieved because I was tired of watching her family fight through the media and in the courts. Lucky for me, the Pope took over the news just after Sciavo's death. And now today the Pope has died. It's amazing to see how many thousands of people are crowded into St. Peter's Square in Vatican City. It's actually pretty touching. And in less earth shattering news, Prince Rainier of Monaco is in a coma and is not expected to survive, so his son Prince Albert has taken over as the reining monarch in Monaco. Until yesterday I was not aware the Monaco was a principality, not a country. Did you know that if Prince Albert does not produce a male heir then Monaco gets turned back over to the French? How much does that suck? I'd be mad. Prince Albert needs to start getting it on if he cares about his country (sorry, principality). Okay, enough about the news now. I'm bored of it all already and we've still got weeks to go of Pope news.

posted by Lauren@ 3:36 PM


The news disgusts me.

So much happens in the world everyday and yet all we hear about on networks is Terri and John Paul.

The Pope passing...fine thats news but when you have a 24/7 feed...there has to be more! Terri? Come on! Then the fucking republicans ...instead of doing what needs to be done they go off on tangits. Screw medicare...

How about the 6 month baby who had thier life support removed over the objections of the parents becouse of the inability to pay, thank due in large part to a law passed by Bush.

Screw this...I'm going home

By Blogger K.S.G., at April 3, 2005 at 11:45 AM  

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