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    lets go titans!

    I'm really not sure if I've ever been to a hockey game as exciting as this one was. The Titans were down 2-0 at the end of two periods, and the whole arena was quiet. I wasn't seriously thinking that they would win considering the way they had been playing. Then they turned up the juice a bit at the beginning of the third period and finally scored one. Then a second, third, fourth, and FIFTH goal! It was incredible. And all of the goals in the third period were unanswered by the Everblades. Fucking incredible. And it certainly bodes well for the Titans, since in the whole history of the Kelly Cup, the team that has won Game 5 has always gone on to win the Cup. Too bad the final games are going to be played in Florida. I'd LOVE to be there to see them win it. I guess I'll have to settle for watching it on TV.

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    Yeah yeah, I know...REALLY long time no blog. I apologize for being so delinquent but I seriously have had a ton of shit going on.

    The most importnat thing is...I got an apartment! I haven't moved in yet, I probably won't move in until the second week of August, but my roommate and I (her name is Caitlin), get the place on July 1st. It's gorgeous, with hardwood floors and new kitchen appliances and stuff. I'm seriously psyched. Oh yeah, and its in Hoboken, because I'm going to Rutgers-Newark (I mentioned before that I wasn't going to Arizona right?). Right, so that's been keeping up a bunch of my time. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find an apartment that accepts dogs. And its not like I have a Great Dane or anything. Henry is like this 30lb. little sprite.

    The other thing that took up a bunch of my time was actually finding a roommate. Caitlin is a few years younger than me (she'll be 22 at the end of June, I'll be 25 next February - how much does that SUCK?) and she just graduated from college, but we've met once and we really got along. She's a smoker like me, but we decided not to smoke in the apartment. She likes partying and The Killers (my new favorite band...their CD has been stuck in my CD player for the past three weeks non-stop) and she's going to be in the same LS class as me. So that's good.

    Hmm, what else? Well, there was my month of physical therapy for my "levator scapulae syndrome." I'm actually kind of upset that PT is done because my arms were getting pretty ripped from all the exercises they had me doing. Not that we don't have free weights in the basement, but I'm lazy.

    My job sucks...well, that's not true. I like the job when I have stuff to do, which lately is never. I spend the vast majority of my days doing pretty much nothing, which is seriously boring. But I love the people I work with. I just prefer to do my game playing and internet surfing in my pajamas, sort of like now...but that doesn't get me paid and I can't wear pajamas to work.

    My sister and I are going to a Trenton Titans game tonight (that's the ECHL hockey team near us). They're in the Kelly Cup finals (like the Stanley Cup, but in the ECHL). We were at the game on Friday night too, which they lost in overtime. Oh yeah, and I've been a sober bunny this weekend. That has sucked in a major way, but my parents are in California for my second cousin's wedding and my brother got a job up at Lake George for the summer so its just me, my sister and the dogs and I'm not allowed to go out and party. Know how much I wanted to kill my cousin for choosing to get married in California over Memorial Day Weekend?? He lives in NYC for Christ's sake! I could have been partying my ass off at the shore this weekend. Okay, my rant is over, and so is this post. Hope you guys haven't all abandoned me! I promise I'll post more!

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