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Life could be worse

I can't believe it's already July. I'm off of work today because my company rocks. I am so glad to be off. A couple of weeks ago I got transferred down to Accounting where I'm working as an Accounts Payable clerk , and seeing as this week was the end of the quarter, I really feel that I deserved today off. It was a long and really hard week. Did I mention long? On Monday I was there from 8am until 7:30pm with a half hour break for lunch (and probably a couple of potty breaks too, but you get the point).

Anyway, I really like the new gig, even if I'll only have it for the next four weeks. They like me too. Based, I think, on the really hard work we put in this week, my supervisor decided to pay Chris and I (he's the other temp) for today. Also, we apparently did something really good helping our manager enter this one kind of invoice, because my supervisor is giving Chris and I two free passes each to Great Adventure! Too bad they closed Kingda Ka or whatever it was called. I guess the tallest, fastest roller coaster in the world was not the safest one ever. Oh well.

Hmm, not too much is new. I kissed one of my high school crushes last night. Didn't sleep with him though, because he has a girlfriend. He was drunk, I was...tipsy, and now we can go back to the way things were in high school (i.e. not talking to each other). I'm really not giving anyone a favorable impression of myself with all my kisses boys with girlfriends (at least I didn't sleep with this one...and I slept with the other one only after he had broken up with his girlfriend). Oh, there may be more kissing going on tonight. My friend Dan, who I've kissed before (I'm a little bit of a makeout bandit...it seems I'll kiss almost anything with lips), just broke up with his girlfriend. I had told him to call me when it didn't work out (there's more story behind that weird statement, but I don't feel like explaining it). Anyway, the point is, he did call me, and I'm pretty sure we're meeting up tonight. Too bad I don't feel like showering. Maybe I'll do it later. Right now it's off to open up a bank account so I can start the switch to a new bank that's closer to where my apartment is going to be. Only a month left until I move in! YAY!

posted by Lauren@ 12:24 PM


damn. i wish there were girls that were totally willing to make out with me as soon as my relationships failed.

add another item to the list of things i have gotten jipped on....

By Blogger Dante, at July 2, 2005 at 2:20 PM  

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